A wallet that saves all your tamper-proof and verifiable digital credentials for life.

How Credulocker Works

Step 1: You will be notified on your registered email id that a document has been issued to you. The email will have Credulocker’s link for quick access.

Step 2: Once you go to, enter your registered email id and an OTP will be generated.

Step 3: Enter the OTP to access your Credulocker account. The document’s right there on the dashboard.

Step 4: Download and share your certificate on various social media platforms with the “share” option available on your dashboard.

How Credulocker Works

Our Audience

We cater to individuals for creating their personalized portfolio of trusted digital accomplishments. They can seamlessly host, access, share and get their documents validated (if not, already!) with simple clicks of a button!

About Credulocker

The Key to your Digital Credentials

Credulocker is a place where you claim blockchain-based documents, certificates, degrees, badges, etc., issued to you. Credulocker makes it easy to share your accomplishments with pride because the documents are instantly verifiable, tamper-proof and authentic.

About Credulocker

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